Zirx business plan

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Zirx: When Valet becomes Redefined

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Zirx Shutting Down Its On-Demand Parking Service

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TV, Behr bright the importance of focusing like crazy on your arguments. Mar 14,  · Sean Behr, Zirx’s founder and chief executive officer, remains enamored of the concept but grudgingly bowed to the unworkable math and shut down the consumer side of the business.

Feb 05,  · “And, an even harder business to scale to great profitability.” Mr. Behr said the six employees worked directly on the consumer side. The company had 40 employees before the layoffs.

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This is Zirx’s business plan. You set the destination you’d like to go to, and they’ll have a valet driver meet you there. You set the destination you’d like to go to, and they’ll have a valet driver meet you there.

People are looking for start-up information about launching valet parking services. I know this because this post is my most popular post on this site. I believe it is just a small niche market, but it exists. I am looking for somebody with valet manager experience to provide their viewpoints in starting and operating a valet parking business.

Feb 05,  · ZIRX is the first of its kind on-demand parking service with a goal of making the parking process quicker, safer and much more cerrajeriahnosestrada.com a tap of the ZIRX. To be clear, Zirx, itself, is not shutting down, says company spokesman Michael Caliceo.

It just plans to retrain its efforts on its enterprise business. Zirx runs a valet service for workplaces.

Zirx business plan
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