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Moldovan Jews slam ‘hate speech’ after tirade against convicted Jewish mayor

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Controversial visit: Guilty of $1billion theft, Ilan Shor, made a visit to the European Parliament

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Israeli-born billionaire accused in Moldova scheme to stay under house arrest

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Businessman jailed for role in $1 billion bank fraud

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Ilan Shor, 29, is one of Molodva’s most famous businessmen.


Miron Shor, became involved in business. After his father died inShor inherited a portion of his business. Building Europe. Ilan Shor is very well-connected. He inherited a series of companies - including a chain of duty-free shops - from his father, Miron, who moved to Moldova from Israel when his son was three.

But it came fresh on the heels of a controversy over Ticu’s July 23 post on Facebook about Ilan Shor, the Israel-born mayor of Orhei, a city north of the capital Chisinau. CHISINAU - A Moldovan court sentenced businessman Ilan Shor to seven and a half years in prison on Wednesday for his role in a $1 billion banking scandal that nearly bankrupted the tiny former Soviet republic two years ago.

Off-SHOR Airport via Russia Investments from Chisinau International Airport, leased to a British offshore go to companies close to businessman Ilan Shor, Chairman of the Boarding Council of the "Avia Invest". Ilan Tzorya LTD- an international business consultant.

As a person who has spent years in management positions, Ilan Tzorya understands very well that the high pressure of tasks brings experienced managers to the wrong division of time and resources.

The great Moldovan bank robbery Ilan shor business plan
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Businessman jailed for role in $1 billion bank fraud | ABS-CBN News